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Darby is a family owned company founded in 1992 by Robert Fales. Today the company is still owned and operated by his family.

Our vast experience in shipping allows us to offer a wide variety of delivery options for our clients. Specifically we have the ability to offer delivery via railcar, trucks, isotanks and flexitanks. For larger cargoes Darby Trading will charter vessels that carry our products in order to ensure proper handling and best possible delivery for our customers.

Darby can service all regions of North America through our expansive warehouse network. We can offer customers a custom Vendor Inventory Management program to ease the burden and cost of storage charges and make the logistics and delivery procedure smoother.

Our Trade Finance department is serviced through Wells Fargo. This strong financial backing allows us the ability to work with many different producers and customers and expand our global reach.

Through our international experience and global network, Darby is able to offer a wide range of products from many different parts of the world, delivered directly to our customers facilities.